Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Abu Qatada, radical cleric: Quite happily have his balls roasted....

Isn't British justice just grand?! Here we have someone, said to have been Obama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe, been allowed to stay in the United Kingdom, rather than be shoved on a plane to his native Jordon for a retrial on terror charges. Abu Qatada had already been sentenced for life in his absence and the UK judges agree that evidence to be used against him could very well be obtained under torture and therefore the poor lamb would not get a fair trial.

This is a man who arrived in the UK under a false passport and was later arrested for involvement in a plot to bomb the famous Strasbourg Christmas market. The UK government has spent years trying to remove him from the country, but his human rights seem to have priority over the citizens of a country he would quite happily have murdered in their beds.

In the UK even some of the most liberal of us would quite happily have his balls roasted over a slow fire, so it is frustrating for government and people that such a man is protected by the legal system. Of course, it also says much for it that even a wicked person like Abu Qatada has the same rights as the rest of us and that external pressure has not swayed the appeals commission. It's just that his use of the system makes me sick.

BBC News - Profile: Abu Qatada


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