Tuesday, 13 November 2012

One Direction: Real stars emerge from X Factor.....

One Direction, the Simon Cowell manufactured band, who failed to win X Factor, have a second album out. It has attracted respectable reviews and to coincide with its release, heaps of media coverage for the five lads, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry. The latter is the 18 year-old with a penchant for older women, giving the group a fan base from pre-teen to cougar age. They have even broken into the USA market, something more original UK talent failed to do.

As individuals they were X Factor rejects, until Cowell recalled them and turned them into a five-piece group and multi-millionaires to boot. Niall Horan, the boy from Ireland, is the one who has grabbed the "cute" tag in the USA, while it is Harry who attracts the night-life paparazzi here in the UK.

"Little Things" is the title of their new single and along with the newly-released album Take Me Home, is already a hit. One Direction have emerged as a group with the ability to stay the course and they have given a boost to a stale record industry. Their success must also give Simon Cowell a level of pride, especially at a time when his TV projects are in trouble.

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