Friday, 9 November 2012

The new Archbishop of Canterbury has a fight on his hands.....

The new Archbishop of Canterbury
The appointment of a new Archbishop of Canterbury still makes the headlines, despite the diminishing influence of religion in the everyday lives of most of us. The Rt. Rev Justin Welby, Bishop of Durham and the man appointed, will have the task of leading 77 million Anglicans, a Christian community that can’t agree on women in the church, or gays just about anywhere.
He seems a nice enough man, but there is such un-Christian attitudes pervading within the established religions, that one suspects membership of the US Republican party is compulsory. The Catholic Church is in turmoil, with Pope Benedict in declining health and his holy colleagues knifing each other in the back in a bid to replace him.

Sadly, for the Roman church and the Anglicans, the extreme views of their African brothers have to be considered, which means women, gays and anyone who fails to uphold their ultra-conservative bigoted teachings are considered partners of the devil.  In places like Uganda homosexuals are being slaughtered with nodding agreement from local clergy.

It is sad, because many of us are seeking a spiritual existence, but without the hypocrisy and skulduggery attached to the established churches. The new Archbishop of Canterbury has a fight on his hands if he wants to introduce equality and humanity into a community that appears not to want either.

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