Monday, 26 November 2012

UK Politics: A sniff of the Little Englander......

I'm watching BBC2's The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler and I shudder at the very thought that a man like that monster could have so enchanted a whole nation. What environment creates a mind-set that allows a people to welcome such evil? Could such a man ever find a place in the UK? I like to think not, but it is true that we have become disillusioned with our mainstream politicians and the political system, hence the low turnout at the ballot box.

We have two mainstream parties, Labour and the Conservatives, who may appear poles apart in ideology at the despatch box, but when in government are effectively interchangeable, the majority of the population still voting in accordance with family tradition and prejudice, rather than any expectation of real change. In fact too much change would probably frighten most of us.

The current Coalition is no more radical that the previous Labour or Conservative governments and is likely to implode leading up to the next General Election. If  David Cameron or Ed Miliband reach out the hand of friendship to the Liberal Democrats next time round, it will be because of a great need for its support and with pinched nostrils to dispel the smell. Nick Clegg may be a balancing power for good in the current government, but the public cares little for the man or his party who are seen as selling their principled souls for chauffeured cars.

The Tories would like to win the next election outright, but are fearful that UKip, may spoil voting patterns in those marginal seats where Cameron and Miliband will be wrestling for each and every ballot paper.

So does that mean, as suggested, that Cameron's Conservatives will appeal to the anti-EU lobby by doing a deal with UKip, the party led by Nigel Farage, that nice and reasonable man, who isn't at all against foreigners entering the country, but just one at a time through a revolving door? At least I think that's what he means? I'm not sure to be honest.

Mr Farage does come across like a personable man, but isn't it a worry that a party on the fringe could end up with a disproportionate influence on the political process? UKip has softened its hard-edged image which, perhaps unfairly, once upon a time made me think of the BNP, but it remains fiercely anti-Europe and there's more than a sniff of the Little Englander surrounding the party. In fact, it reeks of a certain type of nationalism and, being a simple soul, that makes me nervous. But I do like Mr Farage.

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